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Why you should never Skip a Real Estate Agent?

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Advantages of Involving a Real Estate Agent?

A typical real estate agent’s commission is 2 percent of a sale, according to industry experts. That 2 % isn’t always a windfall for the agent, who splits the money with perhaps a brokerage firm or another agent (since often there are two agents involved, the seller’s and the buyer’s).

If you are planning on buying or selling a property on your own, keep in mind that property agents exist for a reason. A lot can go wrong when you skip the real estate agent.

  • Incorrect Documentation: “In every real estate transaction, there is a lot of legal terms and important paperwork that has to be absolutely correct, Property Agents and their legal teams have age old experience to protect their clients from any mistakes. “Not only will you be covered for any mistakes, you will also have an advocate’s opinion on the deal to make sure that you are not being taken advantage of by the other party involved in the property transaction.
  • Fewer Buyers: Many property buyers and agents are reluctant to engage with sellers that do not have professional representation. Often, Direct For Sale By Owner transactions take much longer and are more stressful than those where both sides have professional representation.
  • Incorrect Pricing: With the exact hand on information, a professional property agent can get you the best possible price of selling a local property.

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