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Team :

Sandeep Dhunna

Navgrow is now run by Sandeep Dhunna and his younger brother Navdeep. Sandeep did his schooling from St George’s College, Mussoorie, and his B.Com from Delhi University. He obtained his Master’s Degree in Accounting from Monash University, Melbourne, Australia.

Navdeep Dhunna

Navdeep also went to the same school i.e. St George’s College, Mussoorie. He has a BBA (Hons) degree from IILM, affiliated to Bradford.

Notwithstanding their academic qualifications, they have learnt the trade hands-on. Their knowledge of the construction work is not gained from books or teachers but from personal experience, learning from their experiences, some good and some not so good. The team of workers is also made of self-taught skilled people each excelling in his respective trade.


Navgrow Construction Private Limited had its inception more than two decades ago under the leadership of Mr Tejinder Singh Dhunna. A businessman from Amritsar, he gave up his family business of jewellery and cold storage to move out of Amritsar during the troubled times after the tragic events of 1984. He started the construction company initially called Navgrow Builders.

Within a couple of years he built his own team of workers and successfully completed his projects well in time and to the satisfaction of the owners and occupants as well as his team of workers. Very soon he built a reputation of an honest and upright builder, a rare commodity in the field. He was hugely respected in the market for the quality of his work as well as his honest dealings with his clients. The workers found him to  be a good paymaster and always there to guide them.

He had everything going for him that promised a flourishing business. However, fate had different plans. He passed away on the eve of New Year’s night of 2005 of a massive heart attack. His untimely and sudden death left the family shattered.

But, he had just signed a collaboration agreement with the owner of C-67 Soami Nagar and was about to commence work on it on the 6thof January 2006. How could they let it be? It was at this time that Sandeep, his elder son, who was in Australia at that time, jumped into the fray to honour his father’s commitments. He gave up everything and packed his bags and returned to India. Within a week he renewed the contracts and started work on the project on the 14th of January, eight days after the scheduled date!

All the teams set up by Tejinder Singh stood by Sandeep like a rock and helped him finish the project on time. The family now stays on the Second Floor of this house, Sandeep’s first project.

Affilations –

Navgrow works with one of Delhi’s most renowned and respected architect, Mr Ganju, who not only makes the plans and drawings of all their projects but also gets them approved by the concerned authorities. He takes care of all the technical aspects of their projects and guides them like their father would have, had he been around.

Mr Garg, the Chartered Accountant, takes care of all the financial matters of Navgrow and handles the taxation issues.

Mr Kamal Agnihotri handles all legal matters.

Navgrow’s official bankers are J&K Bank, C-Block, Greater Kailash – I, New Delhi.

Navgrow has a great team of Interior Decorators, each pitching in their own creative ideas and designs. No wonder, the finished projects are a treat for the eyes. The pictures speak for themselves. Have a look!

Collaboration with Navgrow

How it works ?

When the owner of a house gets into an agreement with the builder to allow him to dismantle the existing house and re-build it for him on mutually agreed terms and conditions, it is called collaboration.

Evidently, the two parties will enter into such an agreement only if it is beneficial to both of them. The owner gets his old house transformed into a brand new well-built house. Instead of his one or two-storey house he gets four floors plus a parking area and/or a basement.

The builder undertakes to build the house at his cost and in return gets a floor or two in the building based on the mutual understanding between both the parties. The builder sells his share of the property, out of which he takes out the cost of construction and makes his profit.

The owner gets a new house, a bigger house and without having to spend on it or having to build it himself.

No wonder a large number of houses are being brought down and rebuilt, so much so that multiple owners of houses are also going in for collaboration.

Why Collaboration?

Collaboration is a win-win proposition for all the stake holders. Let’s see how..

For the owner

If you are the owner of an old house that needs repairs and renovation, you may not have the means to carry out extensive repairs. You have already done patchwork repairs which have not solved your problem. In such a scenario, collaboration is the best option you have, because:

  1. You can retain your house without having to part with it.
  2. You can have full confidence in the Title of the property as the land title originally belongs to you.
  3. You will get a brand new house in place of your old house without having to spend anything on it, and without having to supervise the construction of it.
  4. Instead of the one or two floors of your old house you will get 2/3 floors plus a parking lot and/or basement, depending on the kind of mutual agreement between the owner and the builder.

For the Buyer

If you are looking for a luxury apartment in the heart of Delhi, you may not have the means to go in for an independent house. In such a scenario, your best option is to buy a floor in a multi-storey building, because:

  1. It is affordable and convenient.
  2. You can stay in Delhi and need not move out to the outskirts in the National Capital Region.
  3. You can enjoy the benefits of community living, such as security, lift, power back-up etc and still enjoy the privacy of an independent flat.
  4. You can live in a brand new well-constructed flat without going through the hassle of building it yourself.

Browse Featured Projects : Real Images

Hemkunt Colony is a tiny, purely residential colony flanked between Chirag Enclave on one side and Greater Kailash 1 on the other. A vast and beautifully-maintained park separates it from Greater Kailash 1. Hemkunt Colony has its own small park right in the centre and next to the local gurudwara.

This is the most recently completed project by Navgrow in Hemkunt Colony.

Please click the thumbnail picture to enter gallery!

Ultra luxury collaboration project in Hemkunt Colony, opposite the Eros Hotel in Nehru Place. This property is a grand 450 square yards and each Floor is a luxurious apartment in itself with 4 bedrooms and bathrooms, living/ dining area, lounge and powder room, 4 balconies and  all other amenities.

Ultra luxury collaboration project in Hemkunt Colony, a peaceful colony tucked away from the noise of the busy Nehru Place which is barely a stone’s throw away!

Each Builder Floor Apartment comprises 3 bedrooms and bathrooms, living/ dining area, lounge and powder room, 3 balconies and  all other amenities.

Each Navgrow project boasts of thoughtfully designed interiors. This project in particular, being a duplex apartment, gives the feeling of a home within a home.

It has a large drawing-cum-dining room, spacious bedrooms with attached bathrooms and walk-in closets, a comfortable lounge/ family room with powder room, a servant room with attached bathroom, an ultra modern modular kitchen and generous balconies!


We are the proud owners of first floor of E-180, GK2, which even today, after more than four years, looks like a very elegant and well planned house with tasteful interiors and modern features. The building at E-180 location was constructed under a collaboration arrangement by Navgrow Construction Pvt. Ltd., a company managed by its Directors Sandeep and Navdeep. It’s our good fortune that we came across these committed, honest people and dealt with them.

The house has a drawing-cum-dining room, three spacious bedrooms with attached bathrooms, a small lounge/ family sitting place, a servant room with attached bathroom, an ultra modern modular kitchen, a spacious balcony in front and a balcony in the rear. The building has a lift operating for all floors and all the rooms and bathrooms have modern  fixtures.

One activity which needs special mention is the interior work in all the rooms & bathrooms and center lobby area with a lot of POP & stylish woodwork. Additionally, each area/room has been given a different pattern both on the ceiling and walls, matching with the colors and woodwork.

We feel our house is self-sufficient having facilities like auto water supply system, auto security system, modular kitchen with hob and chimney etc. All this could be possible because of Navgrow providing us the same in the year 2009. Another special mention is the loving relationship we could build with the brothers, Sandeep and Navdeep, during the time of construction of the house and now also. Even today we call them to put pressure on various vendors to provide us with up-to-date after-sales services. We certainly remember Sandeep very often, whenever we talk about the house and look at the interiors.

We congratulate them for their beautiful work and wish Navgrow Construction Pvt. Ltd. great success ahead in their future endeavors.

~Sangeeta and Suresh Batra

E-180, Greater Kalaish Part II

With the grace of God and the untiring efforts of our builders we are the proud owners of a brand new house. It seems like yesterday when we were overwhelmed by the fruitless efforts of getting our old house repaired again and again. Perhaps the monsoons of 2010 had been particularly severe or the house was screaming for attention. We felt helpless since we had neither the means nor the energy to re-build the house, which was the only way to solve the problem because patchwork repairs had been done for more than thirty years and now they just didn’t work.

By a stroke of good luck we chanced upon Sandeep and Navdeep, the Directors of Navgrow Construction Pvt. Ltd. and signed a collaboration agreement with them. Then one thing followed another and in less than two years the old house was demolished and a new one stands in its place. We have been enjoying the comforts of a well-planned and thoughtfully, tastefully built house for a year now.

The house stands tall and yet is not obtrusive. It provides car parking space for eight cars. The driveway is intact with a canopy over it where we sit in the sun in winters. The lift goes from the parking area to the third floor. There are four floors and the apartment on each floor has a large drawing-cum-dining room, four spacious bedrooms with attached bathrooms and walk-in closets, a comfortable lounge/ family room with powder room, a servant room with attached bathroom, an ultra modern modular kitchen with a small balcony, a spacious balcony in front and two long balconies along the side and rear elevation on the second and third floors.

Among the other facilities available with the apartments are the lift, round-the-clock water supply and 24X7 power back-up. In addition, each room is fitted with an air-conditioner and a fan; there are two ACs and chandeliers in the hall. All bathrooms and the kitchen have water heaters.

However, it is the feel of the tastefully designed rooms and  stylish bathrooms that deserve special mention. Each and every room is built in such a way that it has more light, more air and more space. The ceilings are elegant but not ostentatious; the lighting is soothing and sophisticated, the floors are interesting enough to let you read your own meaning in the complex patterns they form.

This much for the work which speaks for itself! But what came with it as a blessing from above was the lovely relationship that we have formed with the brothers, Sandeep and Navdeep. They are not only honest and sincere in their commitments but also respectful and affectionate in their demeanour.  More valuable than the beautiful house they have built for us, we cherish the loving relationship with them. God bless them! May they succeed and prosper in whatever they undertake to do in life!

~Kuldip Singh Wadva & Satjit Wadva

14, Hemkunt Colony