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Everything you want to know about Solid Hardwood Flooring Versus Laminate Flooring.

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Everything about Laminate and Hardwood Wooden Flooring Explained –

Looking to get a change in your flooring but not certain if you should go with solid hardwood or laminate? Many of us raised up believing laminate was substandard and caused difficulties when it warped. Laminate flooring technology

Laminate flooring technology has advanced significantly over the past several years and is an excellent option for many homeowners looking to refurbish.


Laminate floor is made of fiberboard which is then treated with an image of grain, wood, or stone. It’s then coated with a protective first layer to prevent wear and tear. Hardwood floors are 100% solid wood.

Hardwood floors are hundred percent made up of solid wood.

Strength of Wooden Flooring

The normal life expectancy of a laminate floor is about 8 years. Liquid damage and scratches from furniture can reduce its lifespan. Hardwood

Hardwood floors, on the other hand, can easily last a lifetime if they’re attended for properly. Things like liquid damage neglected for too long can irreparably wreck the floor.


Most laminate floors lock together with no glue, making it a great Do It Yourself Project. Hardwood floors certainly need to be installed by experts.

Which one to Purchase?

You Should Certainly Go with laminate flooring if you want a lower price, an easily-maintainable floor that’s very easy to place. If you are looking to sell in the next few years, hardwood will add the most value and make a great buying feature.

If you are looking to market in the next few years, hardwood will score the maximum value and make a great paying characteristic.

Latest Pricing of Wooden Flooring Best Know Brands

Wooden laminate flooring generally costs between Rs 150 to 400 per sq ft, while Chinese made laminates are priced anywhere between Rs 165 to 550 per sq ft.

Hardwood flooring costing begins at Rs 550 per sq ft and can go up to Rs 4,000 per sq ft.

Best know brands are Pergo, Krono, Euro, Armstrong, Egger, Greenply, and FloorMaster.

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