Most people would not want to buy a Resale Property in South Delhi because the majority of property buyers usually look for a brand new home with preloaded features. Property buyers look for features that make a flat livable for the long term and easy to sell in future also.

Find out what makes a resale property a must buy for an informed buyer below :

More Scope of Customization –

Oftenly a house is considered not so good because you don’t fancy the layout plan. Buying a resale property gives you a very broader scope of customization as you can get it renovated to convert the house into exactly how you want it to be as per your taste and requirements.

Resale Properties are Always More Budget Friendly –

Property Sellers would typically want to sell are Resale Property as soon as possible and they would be willing to even sell it at a price below market. This is a fabulous opportunity to get a home at a great price and you can use the rest for renovations.

Resale Homes Make for Much Faster Negotiations –

Because Home Sellers are often very happy to have someone interested in their old property, they are more likely to get a deal signed by expediating through usual negotiations. You can always buy a home much quicker than you can ever expect to close the deal.

Resale Properties Are A Deal for the Bigger Size –

Buying an old home gives you a much greater chance of buying a bigger property size that you can normally buy in that budget of yours. For example, a brand new 500 Yards Flat in GK-1 would be in the range of 7.50 Cr+ while you can get an old flat of the same size around 5.50 Cr.

Resale Real Estate Usually Has a Lot of Renovation Potential –

Nowadays brand new homes have to really go by the book in terms of covered area, But usually, older homes have much more covered area than new ones.

Resale Properties Possesses Enormous Potential for Increasing Prices in Future –

Think of this, You are already buying a resale home at a lower or much-negotiated price below the market rate. So you have much more scope of future increase in property prices. Assuredly great gains as compared to buying an overpriced nice home and selling it later.

Every Premium Locations Have Resale Properties –

Location is a fundamental price and worth determinant when it comes to real estate. If you really prefer a certain locality but the property prices are too high, you can try to get a resale home for sale in that locality of your choice.

Interested in buying a resale property in South Delhi? We have beautiful luxury apartments and our ‘resale homes’ are not really very old either! Contact us and review what you’re looking for with our real agent’s team. You might be really surprised at what you’ll get to find!