Contemoray Villas For Sale in Goa - North, Reis Beig

Luxury Meets Tranquility

We take pride in introducing ‘Eternia’, exclusive villas located in Reis Margos, the pristine heart of Goa.

Each Villa is a masterpiece, fashioned with distinct elegance and serenity that defines Goa. These Exquisite villas are ensconced on a sloping hill, with each villa designed to offer an unparalled 180 degree view of the River Mandovi and the surrounding hills along with its own private infinity pool and full landscaped garden, all customized to perfection by our team of leading design professionals.

Why Goa ?

“Just take my hand, lead, dance with me…
and i will simply follow the blueness of the water, the white waves rolling free…
where the earth beneath my feet and stars make my heart whole again…
in long and priceless moment of shared solitude…”

why goa

‘Eternia’ is existing forever; without an end…
just as the sea is limitless and immortal. It stirs the heart, inspires the imagination and brings eternal joy to the soul. Every time one is near the sea, you realize that this is the way life should be.. in the present, in this moment… ETERNAL…

Come immerse yourself in this ETERNAL beauty of the endless beaches, calm blue lagoons and lush jungle wilderness, the raw natural beauty that is Goa. Eternia provides the purest of backgrops for unadulterated, endless, everlasting romance.

eternia view 1


Why Eternia

It is an opportunity beyond words,
an enigma where the world spreads around in its glorious colours of splendor to fill my view,
everywhere i look…

A wonderful life awaits with open arms…

In the limitless and immortal sea
In the ever curving beach and in every grain of sand there is the story of love for life.

Let life unfold…

Life gives you the privilege to own many things
Most of the time.

An opportunity of a lifetime…

But there are some great opportunities that come your way
For a limited period of time


The one thing we have in sheer abundance at Eternia Villas – is the rolling greens. From Gazebo Sitting to manicured lawn, the themeruns on emerald hues. What’s more, your villa is tucked neatly within lush green surroundings.

In fact, there’s only one way to summarize this beautifully architectured landscape – a great snapshot of Eden, perfectly preserved.

Ground Floor

eternia ground floor

1st Floor

eternia 1st floor

2nd Floor

eternia 2nd floor


eternia t errace

Project Plans :


3D View

eternia 3dview 1
eternia 3dview 2


Location Benefits

1. It has a view of the river along with the Panjim Bridge, Panjim City and the Casinos in the Middle.
2. Delton Royale Casino Jetty at the front gate of the Property, Just Walkable.
3. 180 Degree View of the River Madovi and the Sea from Panjim Bridge to Miramar Beach and the Sea.
4. 12 min Drive from the Famous Calangute and Condolim Beach.
5. 15 Min Drive to the Panjim City.
6. 12 Min Drive to the Mumbai Goa Highway.
7. 15 Min Drive to the Finest Dining Area and Restaurants in North Goa

Stature That Everyone Looks Upto

locationbenefits1Admirations is a kind of respect. A life that others look up to is a life well led.

With walk able access to Deltin royale Casino Jetty at the front gate of the property, Eternia Villas is one of those rare possessions, which others will look up to in admiration, while you call it home. It is the towering symbol of grace and stature, you can flaunt to the entire world.

Villa Eternia

Redefining Luxury –

redefiningluxuryInspired by the essence of Goa, these breathtaking residences are an expression of modern opulence – the generous spaces feature sophisticated furnishings and are built with the highest specification and an impeccable attention to detail offering top of the line amenities. Our unique design aims to ensure complete privacy for you and your family.

Serene Soothing And Soul Satiating

aromancwithnatureThe melody of birds soothes and magnificent images lift me to a world where desires have wings.

Each luxury filla, customized to your taste enjoys the element of water all around. Your proivate infinity pool merges with the river and the ocean beyond, to bring forth bursts of brillant blue that gently mesmerize you with into an ultimate state of relaxation. Take in unsurpassed views of the beautiful river from your private sun terrace, unwind and relax in your private pool and let the soft ocean breeze fill your spacious residence.

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