How it works with Property Consultants in South Delhi –

Being an expert real estate consultant here in South Delhi for the last 13 years, I feel it is very important for would be property buyers needs the information regarding the basic functioning of the real estate industry here in South Delhi.
I myself as a professional Real Estate Agent who holds pretty good relationships with many people in this city and has many customers you could always cross reference.
If you view 10 properties with our consultancy today and few more tomorrow with another company and you liked a flat or house and decided to buy from another consultancy, this means my time with you was wholly wasted and I could have persuaded you that home you liked to BUY given a chance.

Time –
We charge nothing for preliminary consultancy and for showing the properties, But understand as a basic business model it does cost us money in showing properties, diesel for our cars, other days to day costs of running a real estate business and other advertisements costs, We would be happy to show you as many of the lucrative homes to find you your ideal property, if we analyze that we will not provide you a home as per your taste and budget we will clarify you so as to preserve your and our precious time.

Viewing Same properties by other agents –
One day we show you a flat and then the very next day you unknowingly see again the same property with some another agent as it is very likely that both property dealers will have the same property also – this would definitely lead to wasting everyone’s time.

What if the same property is advertised elsewhere –
If you find a similar home on another website or newspaper classified, If you feel interested Feel free to send me its link, Being one of the most abled and oldest real estate companies in South Delhi it is very likely that we will also be having the same property to sell and We would be more than happy to show you that property personally and this will keep us updated what all have you seen and what are your personal choices towards buying a home in South Delhi.

Choosing a real estate agent to work within South Delhi –

It is very important for a real estate consultant in South Delhi to have an office at a good location in South Delhi. I am sure you would not like to buy a home if a consultant will be having an office in Delhi NCR like Noida, Gurgaon or Faridabad. Ideally, property dealer should have an office in local South Delhi area to have a great hold on the present and upcoming projects. has its office in the prestigious Defence Colony since last 18 years. Our office address in-67 Basement Defence Colony, India.

Some important questions between a buyer and property dealer in South Delhi prior to property search –
How well do you know South Delhi?
Are you looking to buy a home in any specific locality or the surrounding localities of South Delhi?
Which properties have you seen already?
Please tell us the names of your preferred builders in South Delhi?
Personal Likes and dislikes of a home you are looking to buy? This will really help us in locating the ideal property for you.

Reputable Property Dealers in South Delhi –
After reading the above information you might feel we are suggesting you to not any other real estate consultants in South Delhi apart from SouthDelhiFloors, We never said that!! We would be delighted to serve you but that informed decision is yours to make. There are about 5 to 6 good property consultants in South Delhi that are very experienced and reputable. You should definitely check a broker’s website to know more about his profile before choosing him towards your dream home.

Feel free to ask any further queries..Call us at 9999004511…Regards.