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Guide : How to Show your property when you have kids at home.

Let’s Face it, Kids are noisy as well as messy, they tend to leave their toys all over the place.

So if you have already decided to sell your property, How do you deal with this scenario?

Solutions :

  • Hide all their extra stuff/junk – It is a general tendency that kids amass so much stuff, toys, books, clothes… The problem is that you should not stuff it in closets as you might open up it while showing the house to a prospective purchaser. You can use the lofts / attics to store these extra stuff as it is not advisable to keep the stuff cluttered in the foyer. Nowadays, you can also buy big size bins or boxes which are of multi use in stacking the extra kids stuff.
  • Keep Kids Productive – For toys/books you can keep them at proper places/racks or rooms. You can also plan an outing for the kids when you have a prospective buyers coming over for a house visit. You can send the kids with a family member to parks, library or for a latest kids movie.

The thumb rule is to keep the purchaser in mind when expecting a site visit and you will be able to sell your property more effectively in no time, kids or no kids at home.


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