Buying a residential property will most probably be the substantial monetary expense you will ever do.
For new property buyers, it is a great achievement, but it is always not an easy decision to make.

How can you save money while buying a property?

Don’t compromise on the locality and location –

Most of the time it is just not possible or affordable for you to buy in the best locality of your choice, but buying it in a nearby location can be your best choice possible.
You can easily save up to about 30 to 40 percent on the price.
Also, buying at a reasonable price means the great chance of an increase in future valuations.

Detailed site visits can also save money while buying a house in Delhi –

It is not possible to make a such an important buying decision by just having a single property site visit. Ofter, if you do another one with your family, you might discover some issues which might need correction thereby giving you the leverage for bargaining the property price in Delhi.

You should Get Home Loan Quotations from more than one bank –

Home Loan Interest rates will always vary from one bank to another so it is always suggested you read loan Quotations from at least 2 to 3 different lending corporations.
Lenders charge various other fees for processing a mortgage, loan origination fee, loan application fees, etc.
You should always make an informed decision by going through all the loan processing charges and possible try to negotiate them too.

Use an Experienced Local Property Dealer – A good property dealer can save you a lot of money and valuable time.
They have the expertise to ease the property buying process and can help you with getting the documents vet and signed under the guidance of best property advocates in town.
It is not common these days that some property buyers often try to save some expense by not going with a property consultant, this can hurt the smooth transaction as well as chances of best possible negotiations.
A property consultant like will be able to negotiate several points in the agreement to sell / sale deed to preserve your money in ways you may never even heard of.