Buying a Property is a very important step in the lives of every class of our society.
Completion Certificate, which is also known as Occupancy certificate or the building pass certificate is the proof of construction completion as per the approved sanctioned plan. Everyone buying a residential flat in South Delhi must be informed of this very important document and ask the builder or developer for it when moving into the new property.
Builders need to obtain the completion certificate from local municipal authority when the construction has been completed successfully and the residential property is in becoming the condition to live.
Generally, builders fail to or avoid getting the completion certificate when they haven’t met all the construction guidelines mentioned in the approval letter or due to financial associated with approving the same.

Even if the building already has all the necessary connections, you should obtain the certificate, as the municipal authority can disconnect it anytime, if it sees any discrepancies in the due construction process.

To the delight of homeowners, Sice 2017 the Delhi Municipality has waived off the Bank Guarantee associated with the completion certificate, making it more easier and lucrative for the builders.

Note :
As an illuminating buyer, you should not act in anticipation. While taking the possession of the property, make sure the builder or developer provides you with all the required documents.
You have every legal right to get all the property related documents including the old chain set of papers. So don’t be misguided by any excuse given by the builder and resolutely ask for property chain documents, possession letter, occupancy certificate, and other documents.