Vastu Shastra’ or the aged Indian science of architecture, for assuring peace and successfulness of the residents of the home has not lost its appeal even in the recent times.

In fact, most of the current apartments are created in accordance with the laws of Vastu Shastra.

The kitchen is one of the most significant parts of the home and the main supporting factor in the overall health and well-being of the residents. The sense of tranquillity eludes the kitchen as it is always humming with energy, discussions and aromas. The precise use of Vastu Shastra converts the total chaos enclosing the kitchen into positive energy.

Perfect Direction

The location of the kitchen should ideally be in the South-East corner of the main home or flat. The central kitchen staging should be in the East or South-East corner of the residence and the oven or gas stove should be set in the South-East, several inches away from the wall and not directly in front of the principal entrance of the kitchen.

The shape of accomplishment

For managing electrical appliances such as microwaves, mixer grinder etc. the length of the kitchen stage in an L shape should be applied. That arrangement is extremely favorable.

Where to place the streams?

The washing sink of the kitchen must be within the north-east edge as far as practicable. The container for the drinking water and associated appliances should be installed in the North-East or the North side of the kitchen.

Ventilation is very important in Kitchen

Ventilation is necessary to get rid of the sharp and unwanted smell that might deform your hunger. Also in Vastu Shastra, these elements are necessary in order to gain a meal a pleasant experience. There should be windows in the East and the West regions of the kitchen. An exhaust fan fixed in this vent would be very beneficial.

Directions for cooking

While preparing food, one should ideally stand towards the East and light appliances should be kept near the east or north side of the kitchen.

Position Of Refrigerator

If you are intending to keep the refrigerator in the kitchen, it must be placed in the South-East, South, West or North sides.

The Kitchen is an area that benefits from balancing the energy and assuring the well-being of the entire family. It is remarkably essential to follow the above stated Vastu tips for a healthful and happy life in your residence.